Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are keen to give meaning to our investments by contributing to the emergence of success stories. Our added value lies in our organisation and the resources that we use to assist the management teams of the SMEs in which we invest.


An independent
entrepreneurs’ fund

  • Capital Croissance is owned by its founding partners and is not dependent on any group or institution.
  • It is Capital Croissance’s five partners who make the investment and divestment decisions, which allows them to be highly responsive.
  • Capital Croissance offers management teams assistance adapted to their needs, especially concerning:
    • • External growth transactions (actively looking for targets, negotiating, audits, etc.)
    • • Strengthening human capital (partnerships with headhunters)
    • • Business development (linking with potential prospects or partners)
  • Capital Croissance makes the networks of relationships and expertise of its 150 entrepreneur-investors, entrepreneurs and directors of SMEs/mid-cap companies or major groups available to directors.

Tailor-made assistance

Capital Croissance offers directors support which is adapted to their needs, especially concerning:

  • External growth transactions:
    • • Actively looking for targets, negotiating, audits
    • • A network of intermediaries in France and abroad
    • • Financial and legal engineering, setting-up of financing
    • • Working groups for post-acquisition integration
  • Strengthening human capital:
    • • Partnerships with headhunters to structure the Management Board
    • • Employee incentive schemes
    • • Organisation and training of teams
    • • A network of private entrepreneurs (consulting, independent directors, etc.)


  • Capital Croissance offers managers a structured export support system in many countries, including China and the United States, through its two representative offices in Hong Kong and New York led by two of our Industrial and Strategic Consultants, Marc Castagnet and Jean-Marie Painvin.
  • This system has made it possible to initiate or accelerate the international development of our holdings.

  • Capital Croissance is an associate partner of the FrenchFounders international network of French entrepreneurs. Founded in 2014, FrenchFounders is a business club for Francophone executives around the globe. It aims at facilitating business relationships within an outstanding entrepreneurs community with a clear objective : finding the right contact at the right time. (www.frenchfounders.com)


Capital Croissance aims to create both financial and non-financial long-term value for all of the stakeholders in its investment strategy: its investors and its holdings, by including their employees, management teams and society in general in this strategy. Capital Croissance is therefore developing a responsible approach to investment as it is convinced that growth integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria makes it possible to create sustainable value for all.
Capital Croissance is a signatory of the PRIs (Principles for Responsible Investment).


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