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A singular vision


We are convinced that being an entrepreneur is having a vision, taking risks, overcoming difficulties, learning from one’s mistakes, federating and driving teams so the latter surpass themselves, permanently questioning oneself, believing nothing is ever lost forever, making challenges opportunities… This DNA is the one that shaped and still shapes Capital Croissance’s team. It is with this entrepreneurial spirit that our team daily supports the entrepreneurs-managers of our portfolio’s companies.


As investor, our mission is to help our portfolio’s companies to achieve their ambitions. To Capital Croissance, “ambition” does not mean “achieving the best  possible IRR” but it is rather a positive force, a winning spirit providing with the energy needed to make one’s dream come true. Our role is to be an ambition accelerator, a driver for action to help managers and entrepreneurs to surpass themselves and move forward. Foster dynamism, mobilize, give grounds for optimism so the management teams fight, overcome obstacles, grow and blossom.


Our Entrepreneurs Club is a powerful development lever that that honors and commits us. The performance is not an end in itself: it is the result of both a consistent and meaningful investment strategy and a rigorous and value-added work. It must also be sustainable and respectful of the environment and the stakeholders. Capital Croissance’s team is bound by shared values: humility, benevolence, mutual respect, commitment and collective sense, ambition, determination and excellence – with the goal of serving the ambitions of our portfolio companies, participating to success-stories and making our investors proud of us.


One belief: money alone only has a poor value for small or mid cap companies and the latter need “smart money”. With the support of our Entrepreneurs’ Club made of over 350 private investors (companies’ owners and executive directors, families, entrepreneurs, family-offices), our role of financial investor is to bring expertise, contacts, ideas, advice, support, strategic intelligence… a wide ecosystem serving our portfolio companies to help them grow.

A unique operational mode

An independent entrepreneurs’ fund

Capital Croissance is an independent investment management company, that is owned by its founding partners and does not depend on any group nor institution.

As the 4 founding partners make the decisions of investment and divestment, Capital Croissance can show great responsiveness.

A custom-made support

On these topics, Capital Croissance offers managers a personalized support being adapted to their needs, especially concerning:

  • Business development
    by putting in relation with prospects or potential partners, through the numerous address books of our ecosystem of entrepreneur-investors
  • External growth transactions
    from active search of targets and audits, financial and legal engineering, financial structuring, to post-acquisition integration
  • Human capital enhancement
    on thematic such as recruitment and employee retention through our partnerships with 3 headhunters, the availability of our private entrepreneurs’ network (council, independent administrator, etc.), discussions about implementing employee incentive schemes, the structuration and formation of the teams, etc.
  • Master of digital issues
    with the support of our 6 digital partners, current or former SMEs’ directors having a strong expertise in the IT, telecom and digital fields.
  • Strategic direction
    from product diversification to new market penetration, partnerships, etc.
  • Social, environmental and societal issues
    in particular on 4 main focuses: reducing of the carbon footprint​, promoting of professional equality​, improving the quality of life at work, developing employee shareholding

On these topics, Capital Croissance relies on and provides managers with the expertise and relations networks of:

  • Our 450+ entrepreneur-investors, being entrepreneurs, owners and executive directors of small and mid-cap companies and of major groups,
  • Our 6 digital partners,
    Experts in IT, telecom and digital topics
  • Our Business Partner
    Being dedicated to our portfolio managers (competitive intelligence and strategic information, partners search, build up, international, regulation, etc.), guarantee of the quality and richness of our support
  • Our Chief Sustainability Officer
    Who assists them in defining their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and in designing and implementing their action plans on environmental, social, societal and governance issues

Our international networks

Our support system

Capital Croissance offers managers a structured export support system in many countries, in China and the United States especially, through its two representative offices in Hong Kong and New York, led by two of our Industrial and Strategic Consultants: Marc Castagnet and Jean-Marie Painvin.
This system made it possible for some of our portfolio companies to initiate or accelerate their international development.

French Founders
Capital Croissance is an associate partner of the FrenchFounders international network of French entrepreneurs.  Founded in 2014, FrenchFounders is a business club for Francophone executives around the globe. FrenchFounders aims at facilitating business relationships within an outstanding entrepreneurs’ community with a clear objective: save time by finding the right contact at the right time.