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Ourea, Capital Croissance’s philanthropic fund

Capital Croissance’s
philanthropic fund

Housed in the Fonds de Dotation Transatlantique, Ourea was created in 2019 with the aim to finance public interest projects and organise the skill-based sponsorship’s actions of Capital Croissance to offer an innovative model of entrepreneurial philanthropy.

5 supported themes

Every year, Ourea supports a dozen of projects falling within the five following themes, in line with Capital Croissance’s values and DNA

To be studied, the projects must be eligible to the sponsorship tax system as defined by the General Tax Code, article 200







Ourea benefits from a lasting capital endowment, through annual contributions.
It is collected annually from our philanthropic entrepreneurs who happen to be the subscribers of the funds managed by Capital Croissance and the management company’s team.


Ourea is administered by a Selection Committee, made of members of the Capital Croissance’s team.
Agnès Lamoureux (former communication director of Fondation de France) is Ourea’s patron and spearheads proposals.


The philanthropic fund Ourea supports a dozen of projects per year, for amounts ranging from €3 000 to €20 000 per project.

The projects we support

Some of the projects being supported by Ourea

Le défi à vélo de Pierre Boussion / APHP
Solidary tour of Europe

Solidary solo and independently tour of Europe to support research against cancer

Goals: Supporting the research studies handled by the Department of Medical Oncology at the Saint-Louis Hospital, that whishes to develop clinical testing on new cancer treatments (especially gynecological, urological, pulmonary and ENT) being still incurable

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Social & solidarity-oriented actions
Solidary flat-shares

Reintegration assistance of people having lived in the street through solidary flat shares with voluntary young workers

Goal: Opening new houses in more French cities

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Education & Insertion
Rupture trekking

Social reintegration assistance to troubled young people through an individualized rupture trek

Goals: Multiplying the organized educational treks, increasing its visibility

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Combating exclusion of severely diseased children and their families

Organization of programs (adapted trips, workshops at the hospital, days of retreat) for severely diseased children and their families, so they benefit from a psychological and social support

Goals: Allowing ever more families to participate to the various programs, offering new activities, multiplying hospital partners

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Veni Verdi
Sustainable environment & food, Education & Insertion
Creation of gardens in urban areas

Creation of gardens in urban areas (vegetated roofing and facades, sustainable development oriented activities), in particular within schools, empowering youth and raising their awareness of sustainable development (knowledge, culture, processing and sales of food)

Goals: Install 2 urban farms within schools and launch the project “An agricultural neighbourhood on the doorsteps of the 20th arrondissement of Paris” (installation of an economic and social fabric with local agriculture as main theme)

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60 000 rebonds
Entrepreneurship, Social & solidarity-oriented actions
Support of entrepreneurs who went bankrupt to rebound in a new project

Support of entrepreneurs who went bankrupt on both personal and professional levels to rebound in a new professional project

Goals: Multiply individual coaching sessions, monthly collective workshops and other formations

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Le Chaînon Manquant
Sustainable environment & food, Social & solidarity-oriented actions
Anti waste & solidary collects of food surplus

Fight against food waste and insecurity by collecting perishable food surplus and distributing the latter to the neediest nearby

Goals: Expand in Nouvelle Aquitaine

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Etincelle Occitanie
Support care for people affected by cancer

Offering people affected by cancer support care (i.e. excluding any medical activity) in the two Etincelle houses, in Montpellier and Toulouse: suitable physical activities, nutritional advice & healthy cooking classes, psychological support, socio-aesthetic & well-being activities, return to employment & professional retraining

Goals: Restore the dietetic support program (Onco’Nutri), supervised by professionals and established around individual sessions, collective workshops & cooking classes (preventing recommendations, food precautions regarding some cancers, etc.)

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Impala / Les geeks du bâtiment
Education & Insertion
Training of out-of-school youth in the building sector

Insertion of out-of-school youth in the building trades through a graduating training and social support

Goals: Expanding the formations, in particular to become building maintenance technician (120 000 vacant posts in the building maintenance sector in 2019 as per Pôle Emploi)

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1001 Fontaines
Social & solidarity-oriented actions
Potable water production station

Potable water production stations being entrusted to microentrepreneurs in remote areas

Goals: Reducing poverty, diseases and bad health status through both the improvement of potable water sources in remote areas and the education of how important potable water is regarding health and hygiene issues in particular

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Pure Ocean
Sustainable environment & food
Oceans conservation

Conservation of marine biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems, awareness

Goals: Collecting oceanographic data to measure climate change and anticipate the necessary adaptation

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Visits of young people with cancer

Visits of young people with cancer at the hospital, support for research against cancer, awareness

Goals: Multiplying its partner hospitals, implementing awareness campaigns

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Sport dans la ville
Education & Insertion
Sport facilities in priority neighborhoods

Sport facilities to help young people from priority neighborhoods with social and professional inclusion through personal progression and development

Goals: Increasing its action in the Hauts-de-France region, deploying the program named “Entrepreneurs dans la Ville”

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La Salle à Manger, La Défense
Insertion / Sustainable food / Social & solidarity-oriented actions
Community restaurant near La Défense preparing meals from unsold food for homeless people, insertion workshops

Reception of people into precarious or isolation situations, and solidary catering offer based on unsold food to fight against wasting food, managed by persons in professional integration and volunteers of neighbouring companies

Goals: Carrying out the work needed to open the Salle à Manger near La Défense in September 2020, and financing meals

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Les enfants de la balle
Education & Insertion
Inclusion of children with disabilities in weekly leisure facilities

Giving children and teenagers with disabilities access to a social and civic life thanks to a sport, artistic or cultural practice in a situation of “normalcy”

Goals: Accompany ever more sport clubs through this process

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Green Trek
Sustainable environment & food
Raising awareness and promoting an easy ecology through the reduction of waste in nature

Reducing waste in nature through the distribution of bags encouraging hikers to pick up waste while hiking in France, Belgium and Morocco

Goals: Launching CleanUpTheWorld through the manufacturing and distribution of bio-based and 100% biodegradable bags to voluntary collectors to clean seas and shores during their holidays in particular

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Our methodology

A 3-step process


Projects identification

Ourea collects the donation applications through a questionnaire, and meets with the project leaders to better understand their actions


Projects analysis and selection

Twice a year, the Selection Committee analyses all the donation applications, selects c. 6 of them and decides for each of them the amount of donation to be allocated


Projects follow-up

The supported projects are encouraged to communicate an annual report, on which Ourea’s decision of donation renewal may be based.

To submit a project

1 – Download and complete the questionnaire
2 – Send us the latter to the following mail address (you can attach any additional document you find relevant):

Your application will then be reviewed by the Selection Committee.